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Terms of Use

1- Terms of Use.

Don't be a jerk. Don't spam. No Porn.

2- How to not be a spammer

If you spam, we will delete you immediately. However, if you want to promote your business on our site while participating in our community, that is perfectly fine. Here is what you do: Post actual content on a semi-regular basis, do not start a Page or Group until after you have at least 10 REAL 'friends.' This is a site for participation, not a place to put up a billboard.

We reserve the right to delete anyone we suspect to be a spammer at anytime, at our own discretion.

So don't be here unless you actually want to be here.

3- Malicious Actions

Being a pest by reporting protected content will get you banned or your ability to report curtailed. Other activities that are designed to hurt the user base experience will also be dealt with. We may or may not contact you if you do such things. It is typically obvious when this happens. Don't be a jerk!

TIP: As this platform only has 3 visibility settings
(Everyone, Friends, Only Me)
if you want to interact with people without laying bare your whole life,
try creating a page, group, or topic in the forum.
GROUPS can be set to private/invite only.
Don't forget to change the privacy settings on your posts
if you don't want everyone to see them!

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