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Cornertable Promotional Campaigns

Current Campaigns

Cornertable often runs promotional campaigns in order to expand our user base.

We are launching a membership drive to reward groups and organizations with a fair number of followers to migrate and/or expand to Cornertable. In the current climate, many people are concerned they are going to be ejected from Big Tech sites, and are looking for new homes. Or, people desperately want to escape Big Tech out of principle, but wish their favorite groups and pages would move elsewhere as well. That's where this campaign comes in.

For a limited time only, Cornertable will pay 10 cents for each user that a page or group brings to Cornertable. Here is how to do it:

The page/group administrator must, obviously, register with Cornertable. They must then create a page or group on the Cornertable platform. There is NO charge for this, nor will there ever be one.

Then, they must go into their personal profile to get their referral link.

Only those people who sign up for using that referral link AND then ALSO like/join your page or group will qualify for the ten cents per user.

We docheck for fraudulent registrations.

To qualify, a group/page administrator must indicate their participation with the site admins (a place has been designated for this, which is visible once you've logged in: click here) and must refer at least 100 users within the timeframe of the campaign (45 days, beginning on Jan 15, 2021). There is no maximum for any one group/page, but the campaign will be over once 4,000 new users have registered by all of the participating groups/pages combined.

It is not required that the newly registered users stay and participate in our site. Your 'job' is to get them here; our 'job' is to win them over once they are here.

NOTE: participants in our "Holiday Help" campaign can have their users counted towards this campaign as well, with the same limits and time span as described above. Sorry, but that's as retroactive as we can go.

TIP: As this platform only has 3 visibility settings
(Everyone, Friends, Only Me)
if you want to interact with people without laying bare your whole life,
try creating a page, group, or topic in the forum.
GROUPS can be set to private/invite only.
Don't forget to change the privacy settings on your posts
if you don't want everyone to see them!

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