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About The Corner Table
The Corner Table is a place for long chats after all the other customers have left to eavesdrop on your conversations. It is social media that is more social, and less media. It is what Big Tech promised, but failed to deliver. NO CENSORSHIP! (except porn. We don't allow porn.)


We have no desire to censor anyone. We make exceptions for spammers and porn. Otherwise, we expect that if someone doesn't like something, they'll just hide the content or block the user. You know, like adults. If you are a jerk on the public pages, we might make your jerkiness viewable only to your own friends. But we'll still let you be a jerk.


Except for a service that deals with porn, we have no integrations with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and so on. We may add integrations to sites that do not track our users at our discretion.

TIP: As this platform only has 3 visibility settings
(Everyone, Friends, Only Me)
if you want to interact with people without laying bare your whole life,
try creating a page, group, or topic in the forum.
GROUPS can be set to private/invite only.
Don't forget to change the privacy settings on your posts
if you don't want everyone to see them!

The Corn Siege